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Need of a Spiritual Awakening

Published in Blog on January 06, 2021 by Gregg Tangeman

This January will be three years since I signed the Convention of States petition. Our mission is to “Build an engaged army of self-governing grassroots activists,” and our goal is to inspire a political and spiritual awakening in America. It is that “spiritual awakening” on which I’d now like to focus.

COVID-19 may have hindered our progress to a degree, but it has also given me time for a little self-improvement or--to steal a line from Stephen Covey--to “sharpen the saw.” I wanted to learn more about the people behind the Constitution.

As with many of you, I desire to do my part in preserving the Constitution as intended by its Framers.

For me to understand the Constitution, I need to understand those who wrote it. That is the journey I recently began. Although I have a long way to go, I learn a little more each day. This has led me to contemplate the difference in priorities of those early political figures versus today’s politicians.

If I could rate the priorities of the Framers, I think it would be God, country, family, self. For some you could make an argument for country first, then God. However, I believe family would always be third and self, last.

Before you throw darts, let me explain my assumptions.

They loved their families, of course, and wanted the best for them. But they knew the Creator is the one who provides our rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. This new nation was the best place for their family to experience those rights.

They understood this fragile republic--still in its infancy--needed to be nurtured, requiring their full attention and devotion. Without God’s providing and our nation’s preserving, their families would not have those rights they desired.

The priorities of today’s politicians are in stark contrast. There are some who still hold similar priorities as our Founders, but you would be hard-pressed to find any of those people in legislative leadership positions.

Priorities of today’s powerful elites would likely be self, party, family, country. No, I didn’t forget God. His name is still invoked when there is political ground to be gained.

Can we return our nation to the Constitution’s original intent without also experiencing a spiritual awakening? I think not.

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