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Nancy Pelosi calls for "uprisings" across the country

Published in Uncategorized on June 15, 2018 by Article V Patriot

Sometimes we refer to the Convention of States Project as the "next revolution," but we always make it clear that we're not talking about armed conflict. Article V allows We the People to take control of the federal government peacefully, legally, and effectively.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi wasn't so clear in a recent press conference.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told reporters on Thursday that she is confused why Americans aren’t “uprising” against the Trump administration over conditions on the border with Mexico.

The California Democrat’s weekly press briefing veered into explosive territory when the subject of illegal immigration came up. Mrs. Pelosi said there may be “uprisings” over children who are separated at the U.S. southern border when asylum seekers decide not to arrive at a proper checkpoint.

“I just don’t even know why there aren’t uprisings all over the country, and maybe there will be when people realize that this is a policy that they defend,” she said. “It’s a horrible thing, and I don’t see any prospect for legislation here.”

This isn't the kind of irresponsible rhetoric our country needs right now. We need real solutions to federal overreach, not vague threats of violence.

That's why millions have joined the Article V Convention of States movement. A Convention of States allows the people -- acting through their state legislatures -- to propose constitutional amendments. These amendments can limit the power of the feds, impose fiscal restraints, and mandate term limits.

The best part? It's all spelled in out in black and white in the U.S. Constitution.


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