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Destroy words, destroy thoughts – Do we need a Ministry of Truth?

Published in Blog on July 15, 2022 by Erik Van Geel

“It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words,” wrote George Orwell. Destroy the words and you destroy the thoughts was the idea of the “newspeak” in 1984's totalitarian world. Despite the warnings from Orwell and history itself, we seem to be finding ourselves in exactly that spot today.

Have you noticed that a “woman” is not necessarily a woman these days? That a “vaccine” is no longer a product that produces immunity? That “violence” can now simply mean the utterance of forbidden words? But even worse – words are not only changed, they are also banned. To name an example, in 2020 a task force at the University of Michigan declared that everyday words like “picnic” and “blacklist” were offensive words that needed to be banned.

Of course, just like in1984, this isn't just about the lingo. It is designed to stifle dissent, cause division, and isolate those who fear they're the only ones disagreeing. This is about a dramatic change of course in our nation's direction towards totalitarianism that requires a parallel change in language. Destroy the words, destroy the thoughts.

The bigger picture can be seen when we consider the vilification of opponents of certain government actions and the unjustifiable mocking of perfectly valid alternatives to those policies or decisions. Perfectly safe and globally accepted medications were suddenly labeled “horse dewormers” and “fish tank cleaners.” Patriots who love God and country have become “right-wing extremists” or some kind of “phobic.” Newspeak opponents are... “fascists” providing “fake news.”

As we all know, it takes a village to dupe a nation, so the government needed help. For many decades our news media have been willing participants in this “transformation,” simply parroting the desired (and provided) narrative.

The jump in technology in recent times, resulting in a plethora of “new media” – the internet societies created by Big Tech – has accelerated the process and introduced a whole new opportunity: instead of simply broadcasting a narrative, it is now possible to silence any counter-narratives! Who would have ever thought that history books would literally be rewritten, and old news articles quietly revised to match a new ideal? Who would have ever thought that a sitting, elected US president would ever be prevented from publicly voicing an opinion.... Who would have ever thought that we would be told our economy is the strongest ever while inflation is going through the roof?

Yet somehow the collaboration between our federal government, the media's propaganda machine, and Big Tech were not enough. Because the smallest voice of dissent can grow into a nasty opposing force. And thus, the Department of Homeland Security gave birth to an added safeguard: the Disinformation Governance Board to combat “misinformation” (newspeak for “dissent”). Heading up this new Ministry of Truth (using Orwell's terminology) was Nina Jankowicz, a self-proclaimed disinformation specialist with an admitted distaste for free speech.

The intent of this federal government's unelected Board, as revealed by whistleblower documents, was to push Big Tech into censorship of American citizens' constitutionally protected free speech. Thankfully, we the people saw through this just a bit too obvious attempt at totalitarianism quite easily, and the swift backlash caused the abrupt dissolution of the board just weeks after its launch.

Let's not fool ourselves and think that the war on truth is over now that a single battle has been won. It is encouraging, but this is just the beginning.

The federal government, including many unelected leaders in the executive branch, will continue to abuse its power and attempt to gain even more, veering further and further away from what our nation truly stands for. Words will continue to change. Our constitutional rights will continue to be redefined and watered down. The public-private chimera will continue its march towards a global dictatorship unless we the American people decide we want to go back to truly governing ourselves. Will you join our efforts?

“Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue lasts only a moment.” (Proverbs 12:19)

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