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Meckler: We must be in it for the long haul

Published in Blog on September 26, 2023 by Article V Patriot

If we're going to build a movement that's big enough, broad enough, and forward-looking enough to save the United States of America, we must have a 25-year perspective. 

Mark Meckler says he doesn't trust the Republican Party to be the steward of conservative principles, the saving grace for the United States Constitution. If no solutions come from within the political parties, the individual Americans must bring the answers.

"It means it's up to you and me," Meckler said on the Sunday night episode of The Battlecry. "We have to grow the conservative movement, the conservative grassroots army, big enough, strong enough, deep enough, long enough with a long enough term perspective to save this country."

That means looking out further than just a few years. It requires building out a 10 to 25-year plan. We must be in it for the long haul.


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