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MECKLER: The power lies with We the People, not the feds

Published in Blog on September 05, 2023 by Article V Patriot

This is not a policy discussion. This is a discussion about where the appropriate control in the United States of America exists under our Constitution. 

Does the fundamental authority lie with the people in the states? Or does the authority in the United States of America lie with the federal government?

"I think most of us who are in this room would agree with the answer that it lies with the people of the United States and their representatives in the states," said Mark Meckler at the COSF Simulated Article V Convention.

The federal government was always intended to be a government of limited enumerated powers. However, that form of governance has slowly faded as the federal government has acquired greater influence over the states.  

"Today, the federal government is a government of unlimited – essentially unenumerated – powers; largely the effect of an overreaching government for decades – over a century at least – and a Supreme Court that rubber stamps and encourages that encroachment on state authority and the sovereign authority of the people of these United States."


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