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Meckler: Be vigilant, be smart, and be not afraid

Published in Blog on October 18, 2023 by Article V Patriot

Stay vigilant, informed, and prepared in the face of uncertainties, Mark Meckler reminded viewers on this week's episode of the BattleCry.

As many concerns loom, such as the war Israel faces with Hamas, Meckler believes that being aware and prepared is essential, not out of fear, but as a responsible and vigilant response to the risks in today's world. As a Christian Jew and a lineage from Eastern Europe, he expressed his firm support for Israel and called for strong measures against Hamas.

"Fear is not a virtue. That's what the monsters who perpetrate this kind of stuff want us to do; they want us to be afraid," Meckler said. "Be vigilant, be smart, and be not afraid." 

He encouraged individuals, especially those in states with constitutional carry laws, to carry firearms responsibly and stay prepared.

In addition, he briefly commented on political developments in the United States, highlighting the need for unity and effective action among Republicans.


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