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Idaho Congressional Candidate Nick Henderson Endorses Convention of States

Published in Endorsements on April 09, 2018 by Kyle Key

Idaho native Nick Henderson has always had a passion for serving his country, whether it was as an Army Infantryman or working to improve Veteran affairs with Congressmen. As a Congressional candidate for Idaho's 1st district, Nick brings that same passion in his endorsement of Convention of States. 

"I’ve had the privilege of becoming familiar with the organizers here in Idaho who are a part of the larger Convention of States movement in America and I’m excited to continue to work closely with them on convening a Convention of States."

Nick understands the necessity of a Convention of States to preserve the Republic and restore the balance of power that has slowly been stolen by the federal government:

Article V of the Constitution is where we, the people, are given the power to take the controls of our nation back! If you’ve heard me speak before you’re familiar with how much I cannot stand faceless, unelected, bureaucrats in Washington D.C. making law from their offices; the Federal Government has managed to usurp and pervert power that otherwise belongs to the States in this manner – and it’s time to get that power back.

We can’t expect these faceless bureaucrats to give up their power, and the hardest thing to do with a Government program once it’s been funded is to kill it. We already know we can’t trust Congress and that they’ll never impose term limits on themselves. We’ve seen for years that Congress is not only impotent when it comes to passing a balanced budget, they don’t actually care to. They sit in Washington D.C. and snub their noses at We the People every day, and seem to have forgotten that we have an alternative to their politics.

A Convention of States is a tool granted to us by our Founding Fathers who had the wisdom and foresight to see that even the American Republic could some day fall to institutional tyranny. Congress has long been non-representative, and though the ideal path to solving that problem and passing these Amendments we so desperately need in America is to kick out the corrupt politicians from office and send real Representatives of the people back during elections – the entrenched political elite have perfected the art of buying and holding their seats for life. It is long past due for the Convention of States power, vested in THE PEOPLE, by Article V of the Constitution, to be used.

"We are honored to have Nick's endorsement. We need leaders that support the entire Constitution and aren't afraid to use the checks and balances left by the Founders," said Janis Helfman, State Director for Convention of States Idaho. "It is encouraging to see support for the grassroots warriors in Idaho from those in a leadership role."

Nick is a native of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and served as an Army Infantryman, fighting with the 4th Infantry Division during "the surge" in Iraq. After his honorable discharge, he worked with Congressmen to craft legislation to support and advance the needs and care of Veterans across the country. He now lives in Post Falls and works both as a commercial pilot and owns his own business.

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