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How To Get the Media Involved in Town Hall Meetings

Published in Blog on May 30, 2021 by Kristi Stroeh

No matter how small or large, our town halls need help from the media to get the word out. What can District Captains and volunteers do to spread the word? For the best results, this involves more than just an ad in the paper.

Writing an article or an opinion piece about COS is a great way to introduce the concepts of what Convention of States wants to accomplish. Get local legislators involved by asking them to not only speak at the town hall, but to also write an article for the paper.

Talking to local radio stations is another great way to reach even more people. Get some air time to invite the community to the town hall meeting and tease at what will be discussed in the meeting.

The community calendar is another great way to reach people. Be sure to include your speakers to create a buzz.

Calling people or going door to door is still an effective too to reach the community– it’s hard work, but can reap large benefits.

The Isanti town hall is an example of a successful event with a smaller turnout. The event worked because of the 4 state legislators who spoke and answered questions.

Social Media is a great tool to spark interest in your town hall meeting. If you have a local Facebook page for your community, be sure to post about the town hall and what topics will be discussed.

There are many different ways to advertise our town halls without all the expense. Be creative in reaching people. Be sure to bring speakers that encourage people to come out and ask questions.

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