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Have You Heard About What They’re “Canceling” Now?

Published in Blog Solution on April 02, 2023 by There Is Hope

Today the word “Cancel” usually means destroying freedom of speech for a specific group of people.  And “canceling” has been used to create a slanted one-sided narrative.  

But this year, two Wisconsin State Legislators want to “cancel” a Wisconsin State Tax.  How refreshing!  They are State Senator Duey Stroebel (R-Saukville) and State Representative Dan Knodl (R-Germantown).   
Canceling this tax is not only popular, but it also has bi-partisan support.  “Governor Tony Evers budget proposal includes a provision that would fund the repeal of Wisconsin’s outdated and burdensome personal property tax.” (1)  

Assemblyman Knodl introduced eliminating Wisconsin’ Personal Property Tax as State Assembly Bill 2 and Senator Stroebel introduce it in the State Senate as Senate Bill 2.  They previously introduced it in the last Legislative session, but Governor Evers vetoed it.   

“This bill is a win-win for businesses and local governments. Said Sen. Stroebel.  All of our neighboring states have recognized this and have already eliminated the personal property tax in their jurisdictions.  This proposal enjoys strong, bipartisan public support, and I am confident that our Main Streets won’t be paying personal property tax a year from now.” (3)

“The concern with the proposal is that many local municipalities rely on the revenue collected from personal property taxes.   Under Knodl and Stroebel’s proposed legislation, the state would reimburse local governments for any lost revenue. “(3) 

“Representative Knodl said, “I am pleased the Governor included my initiative to eliminate the personal property tax, a bipartisan issue I have led on for years.  We will work together on that area of agreement and finally kill that burden on our small businesses once and for all.” (1)

Canceling a tax these days is exceptional.  Especially when it has bipartisan support from the Governor.  It provides hope in today’s turbulent climate of “Cancel Culture”.  

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Footnote (1) Source: National Federation of Independent Businesses

Footnote (2) Source: Press Release Rep. Knodl, Sen. Stroebel: To reintroduce legislation eliminating the personal property tax.  WISPOLITICS website.  

Footnote (3) Source: Ozaukee County News Graphic – GM Today

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