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Grassroots is Always Just the Right Size

Published in Blog on September 14, 2022 by Vivian Garcia

Getting active in your community and producing a grassroots network for COS isn’t as difficult as you might imagine.

Wayne Walvoord, a Colorado volunteer for four years and an active District Captain, sent out an e-mail blast to 63 people in the area for a meet and greet on 9/11 at Spicy Tacos on 965 Platte River Blvd in Brighton.  

This is a great example of how to get interested people together to meet and talk about Convention of States. It was a small group who actually attended but that’s great too because people have more one-on-one time to answer questions and see that there are people who care about their communities and their nation, right in the neighborhood.

Helping Wayne organize was another District Captain, Daryl Rice. Daryl is a former Navy pilot and a retired commercial pilot. He has been very active with COS for years and knows how important it is to connect people at a local level.

L-R Brandon Mejia, Wayne Walvoord, Daryl Rice, Gabe Evans and Mary McKenna. In the background is Paul Newman and Mark Farmer

Wayne also invited Gabe Evans. He’s running for Colorado House District 48. He got an opportunity to learn about Convention of States and meet COS supporters in person.

Gabe Evans spent 12 years in the army and is a Blackhawk helicopter pilot and also 10 years in law enforcement with the Arvada Police Department. He believes Colorado has done a good job locally putting restraints on itself as far as state representative term limits and the Taxpayer Bill of Rights. He acknowledges that federal government needs similar restraints. The state limitations have prevented Colorado from sinking into the over-mandated, big government disasters that other states now find themselves in.

However, other issues like the limits on oil, gas and fracking are causing statewide energy shortages that led to the recent Xcel Energy thermostat lockdown against the will of the consumers. Xcel claims that they only did it the one time for an emergency. Who's to say what they'll determine is an emergency in the future?

The state transportation commission is shifting big funds originally for roads and highway projects to be moved to bike lanes, an electric bus, and public transportation. They are intentionally ignoring the transportation needs of drivers, which is the majority of traveling Coloradans, to herd driving residents into public transportation and progressive ideals.

There are definitely local issues that need to be addressed but as far as moving the Article V Convention of States legislation to the floor for a vote, Gabe admits there’s “no incentive for dialogue” from progressives.

He does believe, though, that it’s possible as crime continues to escalate, local business continues to suffer, the economy continues to shrink and stall and as all of these things begin to personally affect all persons, we could see legislators moving away from the extremes, hopefully willing to approach dialogue, if not like-mindedness when it comes to securing our liberties and advocating to defend our neighborhoods, businesses and families. 

L-R Foreground: Daryl Rice and Gabe Evans. Background: Paul Newman and Mark Farmer

Also at the meet and greet was Mark Farmer from Littleton. He’s been volunteering for COS for about nine months and has been very active in contacting his legislators and recruiting petition signatures and volunteers. He says being active in COS reduces the frustration of the times and helps him to be part of the solution. He encourages people to do the same.  

He asks them if they have told their legislators how they feel. They answer “no” and he replies “Well they’re not mind readers!” He’s a very personable man and I could see how he encourages people that legislators are not as scary as they might seem.

Actually, he says, they’re very open to dialogue and even return calls. He stresses that another great way to contact legislators in your district is with a handwritten letter.

It was good to see Mark talking to Paul Newman. Paul just recently signed the COS petition and he’s looking to volunteer. He lives in Brighton and would like to become active with the local school board and city council. Showing up and meeting active volunteers allows him to create the connections he needs to get started. He, like the rest of us, is frustrated with federal overreach and wants to be a part of the solution.

L-R Brandon Mejia and Wayne Walvoord

Last, but not least, was Brandon Mejia. He is the owner of Spicy Tacos and he provided the space for us to gather. His small business is family-owned and operated. The food and the service was great.

Wayne is planning for the next two meetings at Spicy Tacos. The next one will be on October 2 at 4 p.m. and another on November 6 at 4 p.m. If you’re near Brighton or want to take a Sunday drive like I did, show up and meet some of your Colorado neighbors, get some good food and find out how to volunteer for Convention of States.

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