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Grassroots claim victory in Arkansas

Published in Blog on July 17, 2017 by Convention Of States Project

The grassroots are the reason God has me in this fight. They are the heroes, the fighters, and the substance of God's hand in the creation of this nation.

This became even clearer to me today in Arkansas. Many thought our resolution in the state House had been defeated, but with the help of patriots like Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin, Mark Levin, and Sen. Tom Coburn, the citizens and legislators of Arkansas took a stand for liberty.

Our resolution – HJR 1003 – failed to garner enough votes during the first consideration. But, at the request of the grassroots, Representative Michelle Gray courageously changed her vote and decided to stand with the people of Arkansas. She, along with Representatives Bob Ballinger and David Meeks, were instrumental in bringing about the motion to reconsider, which was approved by the House, 52-33.

While so many lament about the state of the nation, and tell us that we live in a time when there are no heroes, I can honestly say, as Ronald Reagan did so long ago, they just don't know where to look.

I am blessed to be with heroes all the time. They are everywhere. Your pastor, the guy at the corner gas station, the farmer in his field, the smart high school kid standing up for healthy values, your next door neighbor, the kid down the street who joined the Marines, and the retiree now homebound by age, but still in the fight; they are the heroes.

They are the sovereign citizens. They are fighting for a Convention of States. They are fighting for the country they love. And they are the very fabric that holds America together.

It is my privilege to know them, love them, support them and do whatever else is within my power to lift them up. They founded the nation. They have fought and died for it across the centuries. And today they are in the fight again. These are my friends, my compatriots, and my fellow warriors.

I am humbled by the privilege of serving them in any way I can. I will do so as long as I am blessed with even one more breath.





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