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Colorado is Aiming to be Among Article V States, Despite Enormous Obstacles

Published in Blog on April 27, 2023 by Vivian Garcia

This was my first legislative season volunteering for Convention of States. I knew it was going to be like a brick wall approaching current legislators, especially in my district. It feels different, however, to actually show up and experience it.  

It would have felt easier to not get involved but looking back, I wish I got involved years ago. I've only known about the existence of Convention of States for less than nine months.

In that time, I have united with Coloradans I would have never met from all over the state. Different backgrounds, histories, ideals, but absolutely identical in our resolve to move our Resolution forward.

We're moving forward firstly through education. Our main objective is educating Coloradans about our mission. The What, Why, How, Who and Where of Convention of States.  

We are rolling our agenda uphill. The media shuts us out, progressive interests lie about our intentions and about Article V and our state leadership are all volunteers with separate jobs, personal lives and families.  

We move forward secondly through legislation. In 2023, we got our Resolution into the Senate State, Veterans & Military affairs Committee. We testified in person and online from all over the state in support of the COS Resolution.  

There was only one man who testified online against us. He was representing The League of Women Voters.  It amazes me that the League of Women Voters was represented in committee by a man.

Our Resolution was voted down 3-2 on party lines.The Democrat Senators voted against us with only one opposing testimony and one of the Senators never asked a single question of anybody.

During the week of the April 20th rally, I sent media advisories to 65 Colorado media outlets including TV news stations, newspapers, state conservative online news and state conservative radio. We were completely ignored. It's a shutout.  

Despite the cold temperatures and wind, our rally was a success. Multiple speakers, including our legislative supporters and the brave patriots who showed up to volunteer and watch the rally were worth all of our efforts last year and this year.

It is astonishing how worthwhile it has been to participate and meet supporters, especially when they have driven from all over the state to attend and be a part of this movement.

I believe it is easier to get involved with Convention of States than it is to wait around for some political savior or party to get elected and solve all of our nation's problems. That's because politicians' promises are an illusion and a mirage that provides no lasting substance. Every effort gets overturned by executive orders and massive multi-issue bills.

We're going to have to do it ourselves. It's going to be hard. It's going to take years but it will leave substance and evidence. 19 states have Resolutions passed in both chambers. There's also 7 other states that have passed the Resolution in one chamber. It's evidence of ten years of sweat and tears from patriots in the other states that were diligent and unfaltering. That leaves only 8 required states that have not passed the Resolution in either chamber. Colorado is one of them.  Only time will tell which states will close the deal.

We have a lot of work to do. We must get involved in our state's transformation back to liberty-minded sovereignty. Our big cities look like non-resident woke activists are running our state and its policies through federal channels. All the big cities have identical cultures, failing education and growing brutal crime.

Get involved. It's easier than waiting around for elections to come along and save you. 

I don't want to wait around for some politician to save my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. I'd rather work with self-governing Coloradans and we can do it ourselves.

We aim to grow Colorado over the coming years into an active coalition of patriot servant leaders who get our Resolution on the State Senate and House floors. We will be patient. We will be kind. We will be non-partisan.  We will be diligent.  

Not because we always want to be these things.  It's because God rules physics and He tells us that love wins and rules.

If you would like to finish this legislative season as a participant, I ask you to send an email to our supporting legislators. Thank them for their support.  They'll be back with us next year.  

Rose Pugliese HD14

Richard Holtorf HD 63

Brandi Bradley HD39

Ty Winter HD 47

Lisa Frizell HD45

Ryan Armagost HD64

Anthony Hartsook HD44

Ron Weinberg HD51

Rod Pelton SD35

Byron Pelton SD01

Mark Baisley SD04

Watch our RALLY and our great speakers that braved the wind at the Capitol in Denver on April 20th.  

Sign up to volunteer. We have plans over the summer, including a booth to gather petition signatures at the Western Conservative Summit on June 9th and 10th.

We hope to meet you over the coming months!

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