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California Gov. Gavin Newsom: "I won't be swayed by protests"

Published in Blog on April 20, 2020 by Article V Patriot

California Governor Gavin Newsom made it clear over the weekend that he isn't paying any attention to the Californians protesting his draconian COVID-19 lockdown orders. 

“We are going to do the right thing, not judge by politics, not judge by protests, but by science,” Newsom told the Los Angeles Times

The protests have sprung up in cities across the state, including a huge one in San Diego.

Newsom has announced a six-point plan to re-open the state, but the standards are so high that many believe the governor has no real plans to re-open. 

It's an understandable concern. If you plan to re-open your state any time soon, do you fill in skate parks with sand?

In states across the country, governors are ignoring or ridiculing the grassroots protests ignited by the overreaching COVID-19 lockdown. 

"It's that kind of irresponsible action that puts us in this situation where we might have to actually think about extending stay-at-home orders, which is supposedly what they protesting," said Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer in an interview with MSNBC host Rachel Maddow. 

"When you see a political rally – that's what it was yesterday, a political rally – where people aren't wearing masks and they're in close quarters and they're touching one another, you know that that's precisely what makes this kind of disease drag out and expose more people," Whitmer continued.

If governors like Whitmer and Newsom believe they've seen the last of the protesting, they're in for a rude surprise. 

Since we launched last week, we've seen an overwhelming level of support from patriots across the country. At the beginning of the week, only a few groups had listed their information on our interactive map. Now, all but a few states have listed groups that you can get in touch with -- and we expect the rest of the states to be filled in in the next few days!

We've also seen tens of thousands of people sign our petitions to the President, Congress, and state governors asking them to re-open their states and save American livelihoods.

If you want to get involved in your state, it's easy. Simply visit to check out all the tools and information we've compiled to hold our officials accountable for their actions during this crisis. 

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