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Big turnout at Burnsville Town Hall

Published in Blog on April 08, 2019 by Edward Douglas Thompson

The Burnsville Town Hall was held on Saturday, March 20, at the Burnhaven Library, and it was the largest Convention of States town hall in Minnesota to date!

Not only was the crowd large, but they were very engaged and even electrified in response to the news of Mississippi becoming the 15th state to pass the Convention of States resolution as well as in response to the recent partnership with Ben Shapiro.

District Captain Kevin Fuhrman gave another stellar presentation highlighting how Washington, D.C., has grown way past the original intent of our Founders, and how the solution of using an Article V convention of states to propose needed amendments has broad support across the whole political spectrum .

Several questions were taken from the crowd regarding short-term and long-term goals, getting involved, dealing with accountability of politicians, and even dealing with friends and family who are not necessarily open to hearing about Convention of States.

It was great to see different Minnesota team members step up to respond to all of these questions. We're all in this together and, by working together, we can succeed.

District Captain Tom Davis spoke on the accountability issue and how we are so much more likely to be able to hold local politicians accountable for actions and decisions than we are those who are in Washington, D.C. This underscores the importance of bringing the power back to the people.

Regional Captain Nina Fertey added that getting involved in local politics makes you aware of the actual positions politicians are taking on issues. She recounted a time at a local convention when she asked Sen. Karin Housley about whether Housley was in support of the Electoral College.

State Director Jackie Burns emphasized the importance of a persistent grassroots movement at all stages of the process and invited the crowd to consider how fast we'd move forward if we had a District Captain in each of the 134 House districts in Minnesota (the current number is 30).

Kevin Fuhrman gave good advice regarding listening to the concerns of others before trying to persuade them, and of identifying with them wherever you can and building on common ground to help get them on board with this solution. As testimony that this can happen, an audience member identified himself as a "Bernie Sanders convert" who only recently warmed up to the notion of a Convention of States!

The video of the town hall can by viewed by clicking on it below. It is about 78 minutes long and there was a technical issue for about 7 minutes of the video (at about 37 minutes into it, and up to about the 44-minute mark) where the audio cuts in and out.

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