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Published in Blog on July 17, 2017 by Convention Of States Project

You can tell a lot about a man by his enemies, and I’d say the same thing is true about an organization. 

The Convention of States Project is using Article V of the Constitution to save the Constitution, because our Founders predicted the federal government might grow so large, corrupt, and unwieldy that it would never voluntarily restrain itself. They realized the citizens would need to reel it all back, so they gave us a tool in Article V to do just that.  Though we are just a grassroots organization, we are animated by the spirit of our founders – a patriotism unwilling to let this nation be ruined by a bunch of incompetent, unelected bureaucrats.  To call a Convention of States, we need 34 states to pass an application. Ten already have already passed the application.

That’s enough to cause some organizations to self-identify as our enemies.  Two hundred and thirty of them, to be precise, have organized to oppose a Convention of States including: Common Cause, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the Daily Kos, Greenpeace USA, NAACP, National Council of La Raza Action Fund, Sierra Club, People For the American Way, Democracy 21, large national unions like the Service Employees International Unionand the AFL-CIO, Emily's List, and Planned Parenthood. The groups are the most left-wing groups you can find, dedicated to Marxism, fascism, radical environmentalism, and abortion-on-demand. It’s actually quite flattering that we’ve gotten them to do what Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders couldn’t: unify with one voice.

They know the stakes.  As much as the election of Donald Trump grieved half this nation, the left knows his ascension to the Oval Office is temporary.  There’s nothing he’s doing right now that can’t be undone in the next couple of elections.  (The only possible exception to that is his Supreme Court selections, but even the Supreme Court is mired in the politics that determine which cases are actually heard.)  The Left is uniting against us because they know we’re about to make permanent, structural change.  They find the idea of us fixing the problems they’ve spent over a hundred years creating as more horrifying than President Trump, more horrifying than an Obamacare repeal, and more horrifying than a Republican appointed Supreme Court pick.

You can tell by their lies they’re desperate.  They describe what’s going on in the most inaccurate, fear-inducing ways possible. Mark Levin, who popularly introduced the Article V convention to the nation in his best selling book “The Liberty Amendments,” said,  “They are purposefully lying or they are utterly contemptible or illiterate when it comes to our Constitutional system.” Perhaps, Mark needs to embrace the healing power of “both/and.” 

“These powerful, heavily funded organizations have awakened,” Levin continued.  “We are truly the David versus their Goliath.”   I guess that’s a pretty accurate analogy.  Once the Convention of States aims the power of the people at the regulatory state, it’ll be as permanent a change as what old Goliath experienced…  and no election in the world will be able to bring it back from the dead.

Mark Meckler is the founder of the Convention of States Project.


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