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TOMORROW: Simulated Article V Convention Convenes

Published in Blog on August 01, 2023 by Brianna Kraemer

The day Article V champions have long been waiting for is just about here. 

Tomorrow, commissioners from across America will travel to Williamsburg, Virginia for the start of the Simulated Article V Convention. The simulation comes as state approval for an Article V convention is rapidly gaining traction as federal government dysfunction escalates. 

The three-day event will demonstrate the constitutional process in real life as the country nears the 34-state threshold required in the Constitution.

"Knowing that the first-ever historic convention of the states is inevitable, and will happen sooner rather than later, this week commissioners will gather in Colonial Williamsburg for a dry run, sponsored and organized by the Convention of States Foundation," said Mark Meckler, President of COSF.

Meckler added that proposed amendments are intended to put the federal government back in its intended constitutional box.

"No one believes that the federal government will ever restrain itself. So the question is, what should we do?" he asked. 

Article V is the tool the people have, and it's time we put it to use.

You'll find the latest reports on this week's simulation activity on the blog and on social media. Stay tuned, and don't forget to vote on what constitutional amendment you are most in favor of seeing written into the Constitution. 

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