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SoDak Legislature Set to Hear Convention of States in Committee

Published in Hottest on January 27, 2021 by David P Schneider

Great news! The Convention of States resolution has been officially filed (HJR 5001) in Pierre and it is moving to committee on Monday, February 1st!

As a quick reminder, we need 34 states to agree to meet to propose meaningful reforms on the dysfunction in Washington D.C. by using Article V of the U.S. Constitution. This is the plan the Framers gave the states to push back on federal overreach, and it is the only way to impose Term Limits, implement a Balanced Budget, and to restrain the power that has been amassed in the "Swamp".

Please consider making the trip to Pierre to have your voice heard at the committee.

Monday, February 1, 8:00 a.m. CT and we will meet on the top floor outside of the elevator closest to the north entrance to the building a few minutes before.

If you can make it next Monday, GREAT. Use this link and let your legislators know you would like to meet with them while you are there!

If you cannot make it, make sure you let your legislators know you are watching and want their support of HJR 5001 by using this link. (we provide you with some talking points, but please make it your own message by personalizing it)

Please take this opportunity to reach out to your legislators (many in Pierre are brand new) and let them know you support this legislation. It is simple, please make sure you enter your info on this page, and we will match you up for free. 

You can submit written testimony via email:

Here is link to the committee, feel free to contact the members to express your support:

Click here to get involved!
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