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Convention of States Nebraska shares the stage and gains strong support

Published in Hottest Blog on December 10, 2017 by Mary Mladovich

Working a COS event usually means having a single representation to a single audience.

Today, at a gun show in Fremont, Ernie Sears (pictured above) and I shared the display table with folks from the local WinItBack team.

WinItBack needed signatures for a citizen’s petition from the people of Fremont to the city of Fremont, and we were there supporting Convention of States and urging constituents to contact Senator Lynne Walz to support our legislation.

Sharing a display table wasn’t my idea of a great situation, but it was obvious this was a winning duo. Gene Schultz from WinItBack not only made his voice heard for the people of Fremont, but he also carried forward with a great opening to our resolution, turning attendees over to Ernie Sears and I for the close.

Sharing the table was a vision of COS Nebraska State Director Joe Stephans. Gene Schultz had previously shared his space with Joe and the COS team for three days during Fremont Days and learned how to give a great COS presentation.

We need a volunteer to help us as District Captain in Fremont. Click here to apply to be a District Captain. Use your talents and experience for Nebraska and act as a point person in your legislative district.

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