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Nebraska Constitution Supports Convention of States

Published in Hottest on January 05, 2022 by David P Schneider

When was the last time you read your Nebraska Constitution? For legislators, they swear an oath to uphold and defend it as part of their swearing in process. 

Were you aware that the Nebraska Constitution actually directs the Unicameral to support calling a convention for proposing amendments to the United States Constitution that would propose term limits on Congress?

That's right! In 1996, the citizens of Nebraska passed a ballot initiated amendment to the Nebraska Constitution that directs states legislators to support such and effort. Article XVIII of the Nebraska Constitution reads:

(1) We the voters of Nebraska, hereby instruct each member of the Legislature to use all of his or her delegated powers to pass an application pursuant to Article V of the United States Constitution as set forth in subsection (2) of this section,

(2) We, the people and the Legislature, due to our desire to establish term limits on Congress, hereby make application to Congress, pursuant to our power under Article V of the United States Constitution, to call a convention for proposing amendments to the United States Constitution.

As a reminder, LR14 is the Convention of States legislation currently up for debate in the Unicameral. LR14 specifically makes application for an Article V convention for proposing amendments to the U.S. Constitution on three subjects: 

  1. Fiscal restraints on the federal government including spending and taxing.
  2. Limits on federal jurisdiction, scope, and power.
  3. Term limits on federal officials including members of Congress.

The citizens of Nebraska voted in favor of this change to the Nebraska Constitution by a wide majority (58%), yet the Unicameral has yet to join the effort supported already by 15 other states!

In 2022, the Unicameral WILL vote on LR14 in next couple of days. Do your part, by ensuring your senator is on board. Simply click here, and we will put you in contact with your senator based upon your voting address.

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