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Minnesota announces co-sponsors of Convention of States resolution

Published in Blog on January 24, 2018 by Suzy Turbenson

A Big Shout Out to COS Co-Sponsors!


2017 was a big year for COS Minnesota

Because of the diligent work of dedicated Minnesotans, our Convention of States resolution—HF 2690—made it to the Government Operations and Elections Policy Committee.

View a summary of the resolution.

See the full resolution.

To move the resolution from committee and on to the House, much more work must be done. Those who support our resolution need to know they have the gratitude and support of Minnesotans. 

Please take the time to send a quick email and thank the representatives who co-sponsored HF 2690.

Duane Quam, 25A
Jerry Hertaus, 33A
Cindy Pugh, 33B
Paul Anderson, 12B
Eric Lucero, 30B
Mary Franson, 8B
Tim Miller, 17A
Abigail Whelan, 35A
Jeff Backer, 12A
Bud Nornes, 8A
Cal Bahr, 31B
Nels T. Pierson, 26B

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