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IRS Made Taxpayer Information Vulnerable to Russian Criminals

Published in Blog on July 18, 2017 by Convention Of States Project

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The IRS has known for years that its lack of cyber security put taxpayers’ information in jeopardy. They waited too long to improve security, and now 200,000 Americans’ information has been stolen by an organized crime syndicate with links to Russia. 

Their irresponsibility cost the country $50 million and cost those 200,000 Americans their personal data security.

CNN reports,

The IRS announced Tuesday that organized crime syndicates used personal data obtained elsewhere to access tax information, which they then used to file $50 million in fraudulent tax refunds.

Roskam said the breach is concerning because the IRS system wasn't hacked. Using personal data, he said, the thieves "went in the front door of the IRS and unlocked it with the key."

… The news that the IRS data breach is believed to have originated in Russia comes on the heels of the disclosure that Russian hackers had infiltrated both the White House and State Department computer systems.

So starts another round of investigations by numerous agencies and Congressional committees. The FBI and Homeland Security are investigating the breach. The House Ways and Means Committee and Senate Finance Committee both plan on questioning John Koskinen about how this happened. Within the IRS, the Criminal Investigation Unit and the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration will also look into the matter.

Two hundred thousand Americans will be notified by the IRS that their personal data has been compromised. But will they get answers?

Our own government’s failure to protect private information leaves its citizens with little confidence. We are forced to hand this information over to the government on tax returns. Agencies like the NSA collect even more information without our permission and no one can guarantee that this information will be kept out of the wrong hands.

If the IRS can’t figure out cyber security, why should we trust it with collecting government revenue? Why should we give it our own financial information?

If the government can’t protect the citizens’ social security numbers, how can we trust it to ensure national security?

Enough is enough. If the government cannot get their act together, the citizens must take action.

Citizens for Self Governance is taking on the IRS in the only class-action lawsuit seeking justice for groups that were unfairly targeted for their political beliefs over two years ago. Teams in all 50 states are working for a Convention of States that will reign in a federal government that is apparently unable to protect its citizens, nor does it care.

Will you help hold our government accountable?

Click here to get involved!
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