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Hawaii Team Surges at State Capitol

Published in Blog Hottest on January 17, 2019 by Mark Kenneth White

Two of Hawaii's team members, Emil Svrcina (left) and Francie Whitfield (middle) get petition signatures on Opening Day at the State Capitol.

On Wednesday, January 16th, the Convention of States Hawaii team put on the best-ever opening day "surge" at the State Capitol.  Eleven key volunteers and team leaders from across the state converged on a busy Capitol rotunda to promote Convention of States and visit state legislators.

New this year was a modified COS display table that served as a focal point for the team to collect petition signatures and distribute new Convention of States literature, including the newest Surge Newsletter featuring two Hawaii sponsors. Eighteen petition signatures were collected in just an hour and a half.

Watch the Hawaii team in action on Opening Day in this short video.

As the joint session of the legislature concluded the Hawaii team split into four groups to visit all the House and Senate offices.  The teams of two or four volunteers dropped off COS literature and visited with elected officials.

                     Two handouts helped deliver the message of Convention of States to Hawaii legislators.

Our Teams really enjoyed their time at the Capitol and are gearing up for weekly "Surge Wednesdays." That's when our team meets at the Capitol every Wednesday at 1:00pm from January 23 through February 27 to encourage passage of our resolution in 2019.

                                        Brett Kulbis and Rita Kama-Kimura visited with newly elected Senator Fevella (pictured left) and Representative Okimoto (pictured right).


                          Jake Wilson (gray shirt) and Stephen Bischoff visit with Representative Kobayashi (Pictured left) and Representative Woodson (pictured right).


                                    Mark White (with glasses) and Mikie Kerr from the Big Island visit Representative Creagan (pictured left) and Senator Gabbard (pictured right).


              Pictured left: Donna and Jack Van Osdol visit with Rep Okimoto.  Pictured Right: Jack Van Osdol, Francie Whitfield, Donna Van Osdol and Rita Kama-Kimura (far right) visit with former candidate and now Minority Caucus staff member Diamond Garcia.

You can join our teams and visit with your state legislators! Meet us in the Capitol Rotunda (ground floor) on Wednesdays at 1:00pm. You'll be amazed how easy and fun it is!

To volunteer for Convention of States Hawaii click here on our website.

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