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"Green New Deal" will force Americans to make a choice

Published in Blog on February 08, 2019 by Convention Of States

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Freshman Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has finally released the details of her “Green New Deal,” and the proposal doesn’t look much better up close.

Her plan would dismantle the American economy as we currently know it in its effort to get our country’s net carbon emissions to zero.

Believe it or not, it gets worse from there. The plan also calls for a complete government takeover of the private sector, mandating things like government-run healthcare, "family sustainable" wages, paid leave, and "affordable" housing for all.

Rather than allow the American people to govern themselves, Ocasio-Cortez’s plan would have the federal government act as the country’s nanny, “taking care” of each citizen’s every need.

The plan is ridiculous on its face, but the ideas behind it are far more insidious. The federal government was never meant to meet the needs of the American people. It was meant to protect their life, liberty, and property, not provide their income and healthcare.

That’s probably why federal programs have been plagued with waste, fraud, and abuse, and why the Green New Deal will be more of the same. If the plan moves forward, trillions of taxpayer dollars will be wasted, the economy will tank, and the earth won’t be any cooler.

We stand at a crossroads. Will we continue to allow the feds to expand their power or will we force them back into their constitutional box with a Convention of States?

A Convention of States has the power to propose constitutional amendments that limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government. These amendments can clarify, in no uncertain terms, that Congress cannot spend money on anything not explicitly mentioned in the Constitution.

These amendments can also secure the future of our children and grandchildren by forcing Congress to be fiscally responsible and limiting the power of big-money lobbyists by mandating term limits on federal officials.

Federal officials will never stop trying to use taxpayer money expand their power, but a Convention of States gives We the People a real, effective tool to fight back. Sign the Petition below to let your state representatives know you support the Article V movement!

Sign the petition to call for a Convention of States!

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Petition your state legislator

Almost everyone knows that our federal government is on a dangerous course. The unsustainable debt combined with crushing regulations on states and businesses is a recipe for disaster.

What is less known is that the Founders gave state legislatures the power to act as a final check on abuses of power by Washington, DC. Article V of the U.S. Constitution authorizes the state legislatures to call a convention for proposing needed amendments to the Constitution. This process does not require the consent of the federal government in Washington, DC.

I support the Convention of States Project; a national effort to call a convention under Article V of the United States Constitution, restricted to proposing amendments that will impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit its power and jurisdiction, and impose term limits on its officials and members of Congress.

I want our state to be one of the necessary 34 states to pass a resolution calling for this kind of Article V Convention. You can find a copy of the model resolution and the Article V Pocket Guide (which explains the process and answers many questions) here: https://conventionofstates.com/handbook_pdf

I ask that you support the Convention of States Project and consider becoming a co-sponsor of the resolution. Please respond to my request by informing the national COS team of your position, or sending them any questions you may have:

info@conventionofstates.com or (540) 441-7227.

Thank you so much for your service to the people of our district.

Respectfully, [Your Name]

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