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The 'Squad' fails miserably at undermining American support for Israel

Published in Blog on May 19, 2023 by Jakob Fay

“And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed,” God promised Abraham, the Hebrew patriarch, in Genesis.

From Pharaoh to Haman to Hitler and Hamas, those immutable words have proven to be miraculously true, surviving multiple attempts to exterminate the Jews. Additionally, they have guided many U.S. presidents and impacted our foreign policy regarding the nation-state of Israel.

When the modern Jewish state was born on May 14, 1948, the United States became the first nation to recognize its nationhood. Within 11 minutes of Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion declaring the birth of Israel, President Harry S. Truman announced America’s full support.

“This government has been informed that a Jewish state has been proclaimed in Palestine,” his administration explained in a press release. “The United States recognizes the provisional government as the de facto authority of the new State of Israel.”

“Israel and America may be thousands of miles apart, but we are philosophical neighbors sharing a strong commitment to democracy and the rule of law,” Ronald Reagan affirmed decades later. “What we hold in common are the bonds of trust and friendship, qualities that in our eyes make Israel a great nation. No people have fought longer, struggled harder, or sacrificed more than [the Israelis] in order to survive, to grow, and to live in freedom."

Unhappily, since then, our leaders’ support for Israel seems to have wavered, with many on the left launching, as Mark Meckler put it, “concerted attempts… to undermine support for Israel and separate American Christians from the Jewish people.”

The “Squad,”—a band of far-left Congresspeople—for example, has been excused even by its own party of
antisemitism. On one occasion, Squad member Rep. Ilhan Omar equated Israel (and America) with the militant Taliban.

The good news is that the American people, particularly people of faith, are still staunchly pro-Israel.

According to new data from The Trafalgar Group, over 83 percent of religiously affiliated voters say it is important for America to have a strong relationship with Israel. A full 78 percent, religious and non-religious, agree.

“These results are encouraging,” Meckler commented, “this poll shows people of faith still stand strongly with the people of Israel. Even more than that, Americans overall support Israel as the only true democracy and bastion of freedom in the Middle East, and the left disgracing and beclowning itself with weak attempts to justify violence and terrorism is a dead-end street to voters.”

May we pray that, as Americans for generations have done, we would continue to stand by and support God’s chosen people.

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