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Engaged Q&A session at Rosemount Town Hall

Published in Blog on September 10, 2019 by Edward Douglas Thompson

The Rosemount town hall took place at the Robert Trail Library on Saturday, August 31, and the guests were so intrigued that they energetically asked questions for 45 minutes straight.

District Captain Gregg Tangeman gave the presentation. After mentioning the federal government's annual deficit is $1 trillion, he gave the guests a "thought experiment."

If you started counting up from one very fast, it would take you over 10,000 years to count to one trillion!

This helps us understand that is not only pathetic, but quite dangerous, for the federal government to continue to spend so much money, which we do not have.

We are, in effect, robbing our very own futures and the futures of our children in order to recklessly pay for programs not even authorized by the U.S. Constitution.


State Director Jackie Burns chimed in with a wake-up call message:

We all know something has to give in our country. There is no other solution. We've tried elections, right? We've signed petitions, and we've marched in rallies. We have to go after the structure. We've got a structure problem in D.C., and the only way we can get it done is to contact our state legislators and let them know that this is the answer. We have to educate them.

The town hall produced 35 cards to legislators, six new petitions, and two of the petition signers indicated that they wanted to volunteer.

This shows that the message is getting out and support is growing. It's important to get out to the people and engage them.

Thanks goes out to the team which helped facilitate the event, especially the call commandos. Special thanks also to those who attended.

To watch this town hall, click the video below.

The next town hall will take place on Saturday, September 14, at the Redwood Falls Public Library (509 S Lincoln St) from 10:00 a.m. - Noon. Legislative Liaison Steve Davidson will present.

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