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Dutch Emergency: Coming to a Farmhouse Near You!

Published in Blog on August 28, 2022 by Steve Shapero

Like many of the freedoms we take for granted, we should pay close attention to what is happening in the Netherlands, where farmers are storming town halls, spraying hoses of manure on the buildings and running convoys to tie up traffic on their highways. 

Why all the fuss?
Imagine you are running a business and someone from the government tells you that you must reduce your inventory by 50% by 2030?  

Dutch farmers have been given the word that they must rid their farms of 50% of the emissions of nitrogen oxide and ammonia generated by livestock and labeled as pollutants; the only way to do that is to slaughter 50% of their livestock.

This will lead to farmers going out of business and selling off their land.

A legal analyst, Eva Vlaardingerbroek, who appeared on Tucker Carlson on July 7th, believes the motivation of the Dutch government is to obtain the farmland to house new immigrants.  

Senior editor at The Federalist, John Daniel Davidson, wrote on July 29:

“The genesis of the scheme was a court ruling from 2019 that said the Dutch government’s plan for reducing nitrogen emissions violated EU (European Union) laws protecting its Natura 2000 network of supposedly vulnerable and endangered plant and animal habitats — basically a bunch of EU-governed wildlife preserves.” 

The map shows the extent of the Natura 2000:

Whether cutting off farmland to “protect” the Natura 2000, or to “steal land” as claimed by Eva Vlaardingerbroek, the result is the same: Dutch farmers will go out of business and citizens will suffer as a result. Already, grocery shelves in the Netherlands have been scavenged for what little produce remains, and global nonprofit organizations (NGOs) are displacing farms with their own distribution centers, deciding the types of food that are produced and how much can be planted.

It's already happening here in the US
Dr. Brooke Miller, President of the U.S. Cattlemen’s Association, explains the looming threat facing the U.S. cattle industry that he says is "...likely to result in a significant increase in the cost of beef, a decline in the overall quality of beef sold in stores, the breakdown of the U.S. cattle industry, and a potential food shortage crisis."

Dr. Miller explains how the U.S. beef industry is controlled by four meat-packing companies, three of which are foreign-controlled, that monopolize the industry by setting arbitrarily low prices for cattle ranchers while gouging wholesalers and retailers with inflated prices for finished beef products. These low purchase prices set by the packagers are driving cattle ranchers out of business by the thousands, placing the future of the industry in serious jeopardy if nothing changes.

'Globalist Monopoly' Owns 85 Percent of 
US Cattle Supply Chain, Destroying American Ranchers

Who do these NGOs represent? 
The United Nations (UN) and the World Economic Forum (WEF).

By yielding to the whims of globalist organizations, countries fall subject to the consequences of globalism, supplanting national authority and independence.

The domino effect of these global policies are not only a problem for farmers, but also for citizens who rely on them for their sustenance. Beyond the food shortages, this also puts a strain on the production of fertilizer, substantially raising its costs as well.  

Davidson further explains that Sri Lanka’s recent economic collapse was a result of the forced reduction of fertilizer. The economic upheaval in Sri Lanka led to the ouster of its president earlier this summer.

So where does the US fit in?
John Davidson’s article highlights the recently passed climate bill in the US Congress – “ … a tax-and-spend cornucopia of $369 billion for wind, solar, geothermal, battery, and other industries over the next decade …” aiming to cut greenhouse emissions by 40% below 2005 levels by 2030, which lines up with the UN’s “Agenda 2030.”

Learn more about the implications by the COSA Maryland team.

On the Federal Level
If the Federal Government imposes the reduction of these so-called pollutants on our nation’s farmers, Americans will be in the same stew pot as our Dutch counterparts. It is not only a stab at our free enterprise system but federal overreach that greatly impacts our ability to obtain the food we need for sustenance.

Agenda 2030 agriculture policies will decimate the nation's farming industry with arbitrary intervention from an overreaching federal or world government.

The Convention of States Resolution is a serious solution to government abuse, and it's rapidly gaining ground in America. Article V of our Constitution allows for a Convention of States, where a limit on federal overreach as well as term limits and fiscal responsibility can be proposed and adopted by the state legislatures. 

Find out more about this powerful tool that can be wielded by our states. If you want to help influence your state legislators to call for a convention, sign the petition asking them to call for a Convention of States. Get involved in the Convention of States movement that is sweeping state legislatures across our nation.

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I support the Convention of States Project; a national effort to call a convention under Article V of the United States Constitution, restricted to proposing amendments that will impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit its power and jurisdiction, and impose term limits on its officials and members of Congress.

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