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Biblical Citizenship Coming Soon!

Published in Blog Volunteer Resources Spread the Word on April 19, 2024 by Will T. Zwart

The restoration of American Liberty must start by re-building the original foundation, and despite what many now falsely claim, the history books attest that this nation was firmly built on a structure of Judeo-Christianity. Throughout the great story of the United States, Christian churches set the example for culture, government, and society, and it was only when believers retreated from the culture that our institutions, our government, and morality itself began to crumble.
Patriot Academy is an organization dedicated to restoring biblical governance in modern America, and their class on Biblical Citizenship is designed for Christians, by Christians.
“The Biblical Citizenship course includes a captivating overview of the Constitution, filmed in Independence Hall where it was actually framed, along with historically accurate and intriguing facts and artifacts from the founding era, all enhanced with teachings and interviews from pastors and other Christian leaders who are engaged in today’s cultural battles!
It is specifically designed for churches to deliver a tool that is easy to use, digest, and activate their congregation!”
If you would like to sign up for this essential and amazing class, click the link below!
Biblical Citizenship Class
If are you unavailable for that particular date, you can find other classes by clicking here.
We hope to see you in class as we restore biblical governance to America and re-build our foundation!

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