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Published in Spread the Word on October 19, 2023 by Badger Patriot

Graze With Elephants – Translation: Food will be available to consume as you talk with your local Wisconsin State Legislators.  It is a wonderful tradition for Waukesha County citizens to talk face to face with your Wisconsin State Senator and Assemblymen and women.  

Wear your Convention of States garb, shirts, hats etc. and Graze With Elephants (Your Legislators).

Who: Organized by the Republican Party of Wisconsin 

What: Meet your Legislators, Get involved, let them know you support Convention of States. 

Where: Ausblick Ski Club W260N6395 Maryhill Rd, Sussex, Wisconsin 

Why: Be involved in returning to self-governance.  The Convention of States Action Resolution has three issues for an Article V Convention for proposing amendments.  Which limits the amendments to these three issues the Convention can consider.  

We the people need to continue to show continued support for Term Limits on our Federal Government, Fiscal Responsibility for Washington DC, and Stop the Federal Overreach.  

Wisconsin has passed the Convention of States Resolution becoming the 16th State to pass.  That is the first step in the three step Article V process.  

Today we have 19 states that have passed the first hurdle of an Article V effort to propose amendments to our current United States Constitution. Only 15 more states are needed.  

The second step in the Article V process is, our State Legislators can convene a Article V Convention, limited the three issues listed above and included in every resolution.  Recently, in August 2023 Convention of States Foundation organized a Simulation of an Article V Convention in Williamsburg, Va.  At least two legislators from 49 states participated.  It was the second Simulation Convention of States Foundation has organized.  The first was in 2016.  We the American People need to practice something as important as an Article V effort.

Finally, the third step in the Article V process is to ratify the amendments coming out of the Article V Convention.  Article V lists a very high bar to ratify, 75% of the State Legislators (both upper and lower houses) need to approve each specific amendment for it to become the law of the land.  This is the highest requirement of any Government anywhere, for three-fourths of the States to approve it.  And is an important protection our founders gave us to make sure each amendment is reasonable and really needed.  

Term Limits: Washington DC has professional politicians who have been in office 20-30, event 40 years.  A 2018 Poll indicated that more than 80% of Americans support implementing Term Limits.  Will Washington DC professional politicians limit their power?  No.  That is why we the people need to stand up, through our State Legislators and use the power our founders gave us with Article V.  

Fiscal Responsibility: Our Federal Government has set up a system to spend, spend, spend.  And the spending is growing at an increasing pace.  

Stop the Overreach: So many examples, from Electric Cars, to Drilling oil, to our Healthcare.  Washington DC has strings attached to any and all of our tax dollars they control.  Recent mandates from Washington DC have tried to remove our individual freedoms in terms of healthcare.  Washinton DC chose what medications we can and can not use.  Even if the medications were approved and had a long history of successful treatment with few side effects.  Washington DC organized it so they paid for the mandated medications.  Largely hiding the price from the public.  

When: Sunday October 22, 2023, Noon to 6 pm

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Convention of State’s is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Convention of States Action is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization and does not support or endorse any party or candidate. COSA is focused on educating the public on specific issues.


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