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Moving Forward As A Passed State

Published in Volunteer Resources on May 27, 2022 by Wisconsin State Director Team

As a passed state, we have proven that Convention of States is a political force in Wisconsin!  We have fought hard to gain the respect of our current legislators and have been told, by them, that we have a great deal of political capital throughout the State.  We cannot squander this privilege

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We Are Sentinels on the Watch-Tower of Liberty

Published in Volunteer Resources on July 28, 2021 by Tracy Schuster

It has been our experience that once a legislator is provided with historical facts, in their proper context, they soon realize the brilliance of the Framers in providing TWO provisions in Article V. <br/>As a matter of fact, our lead Sponsor, Senator Tom McGillvray, was initially a skeptic until a constituent took the time to explain...

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