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Fires of Liberty

Published on December 18, 2017 by Michael Cassidy

The Fires of Liberty podcast is "live" every Wednesday morning at 9:00 a.m. Eastern and can be heard on Lanterns Buzz and Spreaker.

Fires of Liberty podcasts are just one-hour, easily digestible audio episodes designed to add a bit of fire to one facet of the Constitution. Hosts and Convention of States Regional Directors, Ken Clark and Ken Quinn, began the podcast as a way to serve the millions of activists around the country seeking more content and information related to educating citizens and legislators in the states, and a general public not familiar with this hidden tool for reining in the federal government. Read more here.

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Episode Guide

Episode # Episode Title/Audio Description iTunes Original Air Date
13 What is happening in the US? Is unity possible? After the recent shooting, is national unity still possible? Why has an Article V Convention never happened? The shooting… today’s political rhetoric seems to be at a fever pitch, and it seems like we’ve never been more divided. The truth is there are things we actually agree on… 75% want term limits/fiscal restraints; Americans don’t trust government. itunes_icon.jpg June 25, 2017
12 Jim DeMint joins the Convention of States Team Tune in to find out what is next for COS, where you can find Jim DeMint and what he and our amazing Grassroots will be and what they will be doing. itunes_icon.jpg June 15, 2017
11 What's happening in TX and with the Deep State? What do we do? The amazing thing Gov. Abbott did for COS Texas warriors, How COS can dismantle the Deep State, the latest in NC and OH, and How do we know how a Convention of States will work? itunes_icon.jpg June 8, 2017
10 Why Won't Congress Listen? Does Congress represent the people, or their own interests? Do they make decisions based on what’s best for the American people, or what’s best for their political careers? What is the "Liberty Amendment"? Who was behind it? Could it have been JBS? Tune in for the answer. itunes_icon.jpg June 1, 2017
9 Trump's Balance Budget is DOA. Will Trump's budget see the light of day? What's happening in Maine? Convention of States update and what you can do. itunes_icon.jpg May 24, 2017
8 What's happening with COS? Find out. Clark and Quin talk about Article V, The Convention of States Project, the fake repeal of ObamaCare and many other things. itunes_icon.jpg May 10, 2017
7 Limited Article V Convention and Who Is Against Us Why Article V is limited, it cannot run away. We have the proof, also, who stands with George Soros against COS? Tune in to find out. itunes_icon.jpg April 12, 2017
6 D.C. Will Not Fix Our Healthcare D.C., the Republicans, will not repeal ObamaCare. It's in their best interest not to. Tune in the find out how "We the People" can do it ourselves. itunes_icon.jpg April 5, 2017
5 The John Birch Society Lies The John Birch Society used to support Article V, they don't anymore and now attempt to rewrite history and blatantly lie about what it is and how it is used. itunes_icon.jpg March 30, 2017
4 Article V Convention is NOT a Constitutional Convention Clark and Quinn share updates on the Convention of States Project, the problem with the Supreme Court, and an Article V Convention is not a Constitutional Convention. itunes_icon.jpg March 22, 2017
3 The 1787 Convention Was NOT a "Runaway Convention" In this episode, learn the TRUE story behind the 1787 Federal Convention and the proof that the commissioners in Philadelphia did not exceed their authority in writing the Constitution. itunes_icon.jpg March 15, 2017
2 The Power of Article V Digging in deeper to the power of Article V of the Constitution. What can we achieve? itunes_icon.jpg March 8, 2017
1 What is Article V What is Article V and what is the Convention of States all about? itunes_icon.jpg March 1, 2017

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