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Your most important New Year's resolution: Help save the country

Published in Blog on December 28, 2021 by Article V Patriot

It's that time of year again. All across the country, New Year's resolutions are forcing Americans to the gym, the produce section, and the library. 

Most won't stick with their resolutions past the first few months (or weeks). Life gets buys, and enthusiasm wanes. 

But one resolution is too important to forget. Our country is headed down the wrong path. Unsustainable debt, career politicians, and overreaching bureaucrats are destroying the freedom that has made our nation great, and we need dedicated, patriotic Americans to get us back on track.

This year, make a resolution to help fight back against federal overreach and irresponsible spending. Make a resolution to volunteer with the Convention of States Project.

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As a District Captain, you'll be responsible for leading the Convention of States effort in your local community. You'll be recruiting and engaging new volunteers, sending out calls to action, and answering questions about the movement.

It's one of the most important positions in our organization, and we're looking for excited, dedicated patriots across the country.

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