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Published in Blog on June 10, 2024 by Elizabeth Jennings

If I can make a difference, You Can, Too.

Convention of States (COS) is my chosen activist vehicle. In Civics Class I learned about the Rights & Responsibilities of U.S. Citizenship. That's where I learned the power of one.

So here I am working with my local Louisiana COS team to effect change in Federal spending, Federal power and Term Limits for Representatives and Senators. Long a supporter of term limits, I am working toward approval of an Article V convention of the states. (

Our founding fathers gave “We The People” the right to propose amendments to the Constitution and provided the guidance on how to get that done.  Article V grants both Congress and the states the right to initiate the amendment process. When the states use Article V, it requires 34 states to call a convention for proposing amendments and 38 states to ratify any proposed amendments. Article V is a very powerful tool. All we must do is use it.

I am a volunteer for COS. Here one can do as much or as little as your schedule allows in support of the call for an Article V convention of states. Work events to get the word out. Sign the petition. Get others to sign the petition. Make phone calls to your Federal and State representatives. Visit your local officials. Attend COS sponsored rallies. Write thank you notes. Write letters to the editor. 

Join us. Say ‘YES.’

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