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Which do you prefer, being free or being cool?

Published in Blog on September 27, 2022 by Kristie Sluder

Which do you prefer? The term ‘global citizen’ seems so “with it”, so “cosmopolitan" and more “evolved.” Why be just a simple little American?

The former is much more appealing to the highly educated, I mean indoctrinated.

These people envision a utopian-one-world happy place, where we can all sing kumbaya, pass the vape pipe and contemplate the possibilities of the Metaverse. Zuckerberg comes to mind. 

They assume sole responsibility for saving the planet by reducing the carbon footprint, along with the rising numbers of that pesky little invasive species called human beings. Klaus Schwab comes to mind.

Their mantra is, “Let a woman be anything but a mother and a wife.” They despise God’s design for family and meaning. David Attenborough comes to mind. 

In the thirties and forties it was the third Reich, eliminating the Jewish population.

In our time it is high-techers, elitist do-gooders and ivory tower wall watchers, along with radical leftists and corporate mind slaves that seek to socially and judicially cancel anyone who disagrees with them. Mainstream media comes to mind. 

We are in a culture war. Freedom is at stake. Social domination is the goal of the opposition.

They are set on creating an atheistic, global "consciousness" where no voice rises in protest to their dark agenda.

They seek to cancel those who disagree with their planet-first ideology and anti-child values. They falsely accuse and incite violence against whole groups of people. 

They tactfully and maliciously label their targets as “deplorables”, “domestic terrorists”, and yes “insurrectionists.” They particularly despise the crowd that believes God created genders and marriage. 

The only thing standing in the way of their “progressive” agenda is the US Constitution and those who stand behind it regardless of political affiliation.

If you think this mindset is not just below the surface in mainstream America, then you're ignoring the staff infection that's making a beeline straight for the heart of your national heritage.

They want you to forget about being a plain ole American. They say it's antiquated. 

You could be a vicarious resident of Denmark, Austria, Holland, France and England, just to name a few. 

Think of all the prominence you could gain from such a global-residential status. 

The conflict with the US Constitution is that it identifies you as a sovereign citizen in a sovereign country with God-given rights, freedoms and protections. 

They want you to question its worth in today's lonely, virtual world. 

They say it's a hindrance to your growth as a contributing member of ‘modern’ society.

If you listen closely you will hear the drum beat calling for its destruction. 

The suggestions come in the form of trite but malicious comments like, “can't we just do away with the Constitution already!” 

It shows up in the actions of the willfully traitorous who turn their back on the Pledge of Allegiance, who kneel at the National Anthem and tread on the blood-bought sacrifice of freedom. 

Why, Brittany Griner might even be cheering these guys on from the depths of her Russian jail cell.

Atheistic dictators around the world wholeheartedly encourage this public display of national defiance and self-destruction.

Why wouldn't they? It makes the most powerful country on earth weak from within and that's key to conquering America. 

Dictators don't fear our military as much as they do armed citizens 
unified in their devotion to national allegiance.

Those who take the Constitution for granted are arrogant and think the rules don't apply to them. The DAVOS crowd comes to mind. What they fail to realize is that there is always someone more arrogant and more powerful than they are.

CS Lewis likened Hell to a dog-eat-dog bureaucracy where every demon is feigning the demise of the other. In fact, he said that administrative states were the Hell of his day.

He explained that concentration camps were not the worst evil because we could see them and put an end to them.

He said the ‘well-lighted boardrooms is where the greatest evils occur. 

A place where motions were seconded, ordered and minuted by powerful men with clean shaven faces and manicured nails who didn't have to raise their voice to exert power. This is where the greatest atrocities occur, because you can't stop what you can't see until it's too late.

Fools are atheistic and ungrateful souls who take for granted the cost of that which protects them.

Simpletons refuse to take a warning. Mockers scoff at God’s wisdom and despise his mercy. 

They always suffer loss.

The book of Proverbs tells us that a foolish woman tears her house down with her own hands, but a wise woman builds her house up. 

My friends, we are living with a whole harem of fools. Spiritual wickedness and dark hearts are great partners. Spiritual evil is blood thirsty for power. 

It needs fools, mockers and simpletons to carry out its malicious agenda. 
America is struggling from within to abandon its Christian, one-nation-under-God heritage.

If that happens, your rights will come from men who are prone to self-service rather than a God who is prone to self-sacrifice.

Your relationships form the center of your identity and protection. Your national and state identities protect your rights as a member of those social constructs. 

If you become a global citizen, the strength of your identity is diluted to one in five billion. You become a number that needs to be managed rather than a unique and Sovereign soul with certain inalienable rights. 

So, in the midst of the next pandemic, if the disease doesn't kill you, non-compliance could. Bill Gates and recent administrative police states come to mind. 

Global domination is the goal of spiritual evil. Christians and the God of the US Constitution are the bulwark preventing its advancement. 

China is the perfect example of this dark enterprise. Xi Jinping thinks nothing of killing those who don't worship him. 

One of my jobs as a counselor is to provide you with objective, altruistic warnings in order to prevent tragic outcomes in your life. 

The US Constitution is a life raft in an ocean of atheistic globalism. I recommend you learn it, live by it and defend it with your life. 

Get involved with Convention of States Action. Help us motivate the states to limit federal power.

Jefferson said to educate the whole mass of people, for with them our freedoms and liberties are kept safe. 

COS Action is calling for an Article V convention. State leaders collectively have the power to reform the federal government. They should act now and practice the prudence necessary to restrain heavy-handed administrative power. 

The closer constitutional power is to the people, the safer it will be. Freedom is much harder gained than maintained. 

Unaccountable, self-regulating, backdoor bureaucracies are gaining power. They are dangerous.

Tell your state leaders to pass resolutions calling for an Article V convention. 
Use the Constitution to protect the sovereignty of American citizens against the treacherous pipe dream of so-called global citizenry.

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