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What kind of government will “We the People” accept?

Published in Volunteer Resources on November 06, 2022 by Van Warren Walter

By Van W. Walter SCW Louisiana November 3, 2022 

What kind of government will “We the People” accept?

Why are we so apathetic? Failing to vote allows the leaders of this government, to take away our freedoms. Today, the government threatens us with armed IRS agents who are sworn to use force to steal more money from its citizens. Is this a repeat of 1938, when Nazism resulted in the creation of the feared and hated Gestapo? Excuse me, “Papers, please”.

Wow! I grew up in the 1950s. How lucky I was to enjoy a wonderful childhood free from oppression, political correctness, and critical race theory. In school, we prayed to start the day. We pledged allegiance to the flag of the United States. We learned English, Math, and U.S. History. Every day was a happy day. The news was news that told us of the day's events. It was not a political brainwashing tool of the elite. How times have changed. We are bombarded daily with constant bad news.

How did we get to this point? Well, we laughed at Nikita Khrushchev when he said they would bury us from within. We fell asleep at the helm, and quietly the enemy changed the course of this great nation.

Our enemies do not give in. They keep pushing and pushing. We need to start pushing back and giving them no quarter. We must learn their agendas, argue against those agendas detrimental to our freedoms, and keep their secrets open to the American people. We need to “stand our ground” and force our elected legislators to follow the Constitution of the United States. We must take back our power and remove the anti-constitutional people from power.

To preserve our union, “We the People” need to come together as we’ve always done in the past and demand our freedoms neither be touched nor eliminated. We must stand against big donors with big contributions that put restrictions on free elections.

 We must audit ballots; we must eliminate drop boxes. All ballots should be printed on paper, with special security features like U.S. currencies. Only these special ballots should be allowed for all types of balloting.

We need to eliminate machines that can be manipulated internally or externally.

I voted in Minnesota. My ballot was placed into the voting machine and scanned. I asked for a receipt showing my votes. I was told that was not possible. Right then and there, I knew we were being fleeced. How do I know the machine software or some external party manipulated my vote? I didn’t, and I had no recourse. I had to accept their word that all was well.

So this November, let’s get to the polls and vote. The left does not give up. They do not capitulate.

God Bless America

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