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What do we learn from the SVB collapse?

Published in Blog on March 13, 2023 by Benjamin Vincent

Is government the Supreme Being of this universe? Or is it just the American form of Government? How should this form of government operate?

With the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and the soon-after collapse of Signature Bank, all eyes turned to the government for their prescient take on the situation and what might be done to mitigate the disaster. Of course, finger-pointing was soon to follow, with the standard answers forthcoming.

“Banks need more regulation...If they were not de-regulated this would have never happened.”  

Not much was mentioned about bad banking practices. Or that the boards overseeing these banks raised no flags about the financial viability of the institutions. Or that ESG factors (Environmental, Social, and Governance) have drastic consequences for everyone that buys in 100%.

There's been very little mention that even the feds ignored the flags that were obvious to any knowledgeable person with a precursory examination of these banks' financials.

But, as is becoming all too common in modern-day America, the first answer we turn to is the government. And why is that the case? What problem or solution has the government developed by itself?  

I know the responses may be slow in coming.

No, the modern American government does not come up with solutions, only restrictions or social recommendations upon free enterprise. Companies believe that staying in the good graces of these government institutions is beneficial to business.

And while it is important to follow the law, suggestions that are put forth to companies as a way of implied virtue for participation generally result in losses rather than gains for the companies involved.

These long-term losses are not sustainable for any company when there is no way to recoup the value of the loss.

What can be done to prevent these sorts of collapses?  

The simple answer is: Americans need to divorce themselves from the idea that government is God.

The simple solution is to put true representative government back into action. This would include representatives who listen to the concerns of the law-abiding constituency and respond accordingly.

The simple problem is that most entities of government do not want the voice of the people dictating their actions. This is why calling an Article V Convention of States is essential to securing the liberties we have enjoyed. 

We must put forth the recommendations of the people for returning governmental power to the people who make up our Republic, not continuing to relinquish this power to an internally perceived deity in Washington, D.C.

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