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WATCH: Would YOU Trust the Feds with Your Checkbook?

Published in Blog on September 11, 2023 by Article V Patriot

Over the past several decades, our government has been passing bill after bill with no other way to pay for them besides printing more money.

This is not a Democrat or Republican topic, Blaine asserted before Maine legislators. This is a fundamental topic that concerns every American, young and old.

"Speaking of rash decisions, let's talk about how our federal government makes fiscal decisions. Would anybody in this room trust the Feds with your checkbook? I wouldn't either," said Blaine. "With $31 plus trillion in debt – and no sign of righting the wrong – it is not the time to let fear, uncertainty, and doubt by a few over-educated lobbyists bind our hands and allow the federal government to spend us over the looming financial cliff."

It is time we return to the fundamental principles that made this nation the shining light of freedom and prosperity for the world. Article V is the last defense mechanism bestowed to the states to check it out of control federal government.


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