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WATCH: Rally in Raleigh

Published in Blog on May 20, 2024 by Article V Patriot

Convention of States grassroots supporters are turning out to champion Article V as COS takes America by storm. To stay up-to-date about our relentless legislative advocacy and efforts to spread the word about Article V, tune in weekly to COS NOW, a video recap highlighting the most significant COS-related news of the week. Alternatively, catch up on these updates right here on the COS blog.

1. North Carolina rally continues momentum for COS resolution

What are the necessary elements for generating the momentum to change the political landscape of the republic? Committed grassroots activists who show up to engage their representatives and fellow citizens, strong leaders with gifts for motivation and inspiration...and a liberty-loving llama, of course!

All were in place on May 15 as hundreds of Convention of States Action volunteers, supporters, and leaders rallied at Halifax Mall near the North Carolina legislative complex in Raleigh to urge legislators to make the Tar Heel State the 20th to approve a COS resolution.

2. Oklahoma stands against global governance

“We have an obligation to the next generation to stand up and fight for our God-given rights,” declared COS Oklahoma State Director John Guinn at a rally for a resolution that would prevent international health regulation.

3. COS on “Full Measure”

Convention of States Action (COSA) co-founder and president Mark Meckler appeared on the May 12 edition of "Full Measure", hosted by award-winning broadcast journalist Sharyl Attkisson.

Watch here!

Watch the full episode of COS NOW below for more!

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