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WATCH: Mark and Rick hit the road for Wild West Tour

Published in Blog on May 13, 2024 by Article V Patriot

Convention of States grassroots supporters are turning out to champion Article V as COS takes America by storm. To stay up-to-date about our relentless legislative advocacy and efforts to spread the word about Article V, tune in weekly to COS NOW, a video recap highlighting the most significant COS-related news of the week. Alternatively, catch up on these updates right here on the COS blog.

1. Mark and Rick hit the road for Wild West Tour

Convention of States Action (COSA) co-founder and president Mark Meckler hit the road last week with “America’s Constitution Coach” Rick Green of Patriot Academy for the American Legends and Wild West Tour.

2. COS on “Full Measure”

Convention of States Action (COSA) co-founder and president Mark Meckler appeared on the May 12 edition of “Full Measure”, hosted by award-winning broadcast journalist Sharyl Attkisson.

Watch the full episode here.

3. Mathematics professor raises questions with unusual new op-ed about Convention of States

“As our nation ages and grows, many groups and individuals feel they need changes to various provisions of the United States Constitution,” penned Professor of Mathematics Emeritus at Long Island University Robert Prener in an unusual new op-ed for RealClearPolitics. “Some would like small changes, while others want large and sweeping reforms. The framers, when drafting the Constitution, envisioned that there would be amendments, and provided for this to be done either through a proposal initiated by the Congress or through a process that would go through the state legislatures.”

4. Citizen supporter in Idaho writes letter to the editor urging legislators to pass Convention of States resolution

“Are Idaho legislators defending the current downward spiral in America?” asked Convention of States supporter Steven Hall in a pressing new letter to the editor, published to the Coeur d'Alene Press. “The well-funded campaign against… COS comes from the left, with fear mongering and disinformation; clearly they do not want limits on their power. But why is ‘conservative’ Idaho not calling for the convention… to reel in Federal overreach?”

Read the rest here.

5. Announcing Letters to the Editor Competition Winners!

Convention of States proudly unveiled the winning authors of its Letters to the Editor writing competition: Dallas Zimmerman, Garrett Ringler, and Andrew Shooks.

Read the powerful entries here and stay tuned for a major announcement about phase two of this competition coming soon.

6. Select our Texter Image!

In early April, we invited you to participate in an exciting project to help select the name and image of a new character that will represent the COS texting program in this election year and beyond. Now we’d like you to help us out on the next important step – the character’s image. Vote now!

7. “Introducing “Grassroots Groundbreakers”

Grassroots activists and leaders are the backbone of Convention of States Action (COSA). They give all that they can in every state to the cause of calling an Article V convention to blunt the massive overreach of the federal government.

That work and the highly effective strategies and planning behind it will be a major feature of COSA’s latest podcast: “Grassroots Groundbreakers”, hosted by COSA chief grassroots officer Mike Ruthenberg.

Watch the full episode of COS NOW below for more!

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