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Vacant Federal Buildings Cost Us

Published in Blog on June 12, 2023 by robert bonhag

While many Americans cannot afford a home in 2023, the Feds maintain abandoned buildings. Washington spends over $1.7 billion annually to maintain abandoned Federal buildings.

According to the Office of Management and Budget, the Federal government spends $1.7 billion annually to maintain 77,000 empty buildings nationwide. Most of these structures have been vacant for decades. Tax dollars were spent to mow lawns, paint walls, maintain fences, and pay for the power of empty buildings.

But for whom?

Why is the Federal government unable to know what they own or how to manage the property it owns? Are these properties valuable? Renting them or selling these assets is prudent (and better for us).

Source: Senator Rand Paul, The Festivus Report 2022

Stay tuned to our Blogs to know more about how your government is frittering away your money. 

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