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Trump's First 100 days

Published in Blog on July 16, 2017 by Tamara Colbert

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The Convention of States surveyed more than 3,312 grassroots leaders and activists representing all 50 states done over a 4 day period - launched on April 20 and closed on April 24 - about Trump’s and Congress’s first 100 days. 

President Trump’s grade slips, while the results also hit media even more and continue to be critical of Congress for not working with the president.  

Mark Meckler, co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, Citizens for Self-Governance, and the Convention of States Project, crisscrosses the country speaking with grassroots leaders and activists, real Americans who have been working to make federalism great again for a lot longer than a single presidency. Meckler’s “anecdotal” polling at every state stop includes asking the grassroots their take on Trump's and Congress’ performance so far.  

Mark Meckler explains, “The grassroots are generally pleased with the President's attempts to keep his promises. Emphasis should be placed on the word "attempts," because in many regards he has been thwarted by an implacable Congress, out of control courts, and resisted by unaccountable career bureaucrats.  While many would like to see more accomplished, activists find the President's commitment to keeping his promises refreshing, despite overwhelmingly negative media coverage trying to convince us otherwise.  He has dramatically and quickly repositioned the U.S. as a force for good in the world, appointed an outstanding Supreme Court Justice, rolled back strangling regulations and worked to return power to the states.  His staunchest supporters seem pleased, and those who were more skeptical seem to be coming his way.  Next, they want to see him take on Congress head on to get the wall built.  The people are with him there, and it would be a major misstep if he fails to fight for the central promise of his campaign.  The wall is the right fight at the right time.”

A noteworthy factor is the great majority of those who responded to this survey aren't just "likely voters."  These are "activists," meaning they are active, regularly engaged in the political process.  These are the people who spend the time to get engaged, walk precincts, phone bank for candidates, give money, support causes and disproportionately influence their friends and neighbors.  These aren't just "likely voters."  These are "100% voters," and high-level influencers in their communities.  This is something no one else polls, ever.  Yet they are important because they have a disproportionate impact on both public opinion and election results.  

Thousands of grassroots Americans responded from all fifty states, with results listed below. 

Key Takeaways Reveal:

  • 55% gave Trump an "A" in terms of keeping campaign promises to grassroots; DOWN from the 67% that gave him an “A” at the 50 day mark
  • 32% gave Trump a “B” – UP from 23% that gave him a “B” at 50 days
  • 34% gave  Republican leaders a "C" for working with President Trump to keep his campaign promises;DOWN from the 41% at the half way mark 
  • 34% gave Republican leaders a “D” grade after 100 days – UP from 21% at 50 days
  • 31% gave Republicans in Congress a "C" on their ability to fulfill legislative priorities; DOWN from 37% at the half way mark
  • 85% gave an "F" to the media when it comes to covering the new administration; UP from 79 % at the 50 day mark
  • 76% of respondents believe Democratic leaders refuse to accept the results of the election; a significant increase from 50% after the first 50 days

Respondents ranked the following issues in importance at 100 Days:

Repealing and replacing Obamacare
Appointing constitutionalists to the courts
Making our military stronger
Meaningful tax reform
Eliminating ISIS;

Respondents ranked the following issues in importance at 50 Days:

Appointing constitutionalists to the courts
Repealing and replacing Obamacare
Making our military stronger
Meaningful tax reform
Rolling back regulatory EO's put in place by the Obama Administration 

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