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True Faith and Allegiance

Published in Blog on November 08, 2022 by Matt May

The nearly incomprehensible election results present us with a choice. 

We can either be demoralized sunshine patriots, or recommitted to liberty, limited government, and the promise of Article V. 

As pointed out last week, even if a red wave or tsunami flooded the Capitol, we long ago learned the hard lesson that Washington will not change. 

Article V circumvents Congress for the very scenario that is playing out today. 

It is our duty as citizens, servant leaders, and proponents of Article V to redouble our efforts to advance COS in the Commonwealth.

Through our state representatives, we can call the shots. But we must work for it, not rely on elections for federal office to cure what ails our Republic. It takes time, it takes commitment, it takes patience.

But we must actively seek out those citizens who are bewildered and despondent about last night's results. Their natural home is with MA COS and the effort to call an Article V convention to blunt federal overreach and check the power of career politicians and political machines.

The oaths of office for members of Congress require those members to bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution. 

We, the servant leaders and volunteers of MA COS, bear true faith and allegiance every day. Faith and allegiance require steadfastness in the face of adversity.

Hold fast, carry on, and keep the faith.

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