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Three reasons to call a Convention of States

Published in Blog on July 17, 2017 by Convention Of States Project

We'd like to call your attention to a letter the Washington Post published last week in which the author explains three excellent reasons why we should call a Convention of States.

First, the author explains, "The amendment by convention movement is not characterized by a left-right divide...The Article V amendment process is simply a vehicle for reform that Congress itself can’t control -- one that can spark fundamental changes in federal policy, and that can be tuned in advance to specific reform proposals. It is a procedure, not a party platform, open to reformers from all sides."

This is important to understand. In our politically polarized society, it's easy to assign certain movements to certain political parties. But with Article V this simply isn't the case. No party can lay claim to a Convention of States -- it's a "vehicle for reform" that crosses party lines.

Next, the author reiterates a point everyone should know about a Convention of States: "An Article V convention has no power to change the Constitution on its own. Its only power, as the Constitution plainly states, is 'for proposing Amendments' as directed by the state legislatures." Not one word of Constitution will have changed after a Convention of States. Thirty-eight states must ratify the proposed amendments before they become part of the Constitution.

Finally, the author reminds us why an Article V Convention will so effectively bring about the real, lasting change this country so desperately needs: the insiders in Washington can't do anything about it: "The Framers gave us the convention procedure to provide a way around a Congress entrenched by insiders... The insiders will squeal. But that is precisely the point: they refuse to fix the fundamental problems that we now face. We must now use the tools available to solve the problems that the insiders won’t."

Read the full article here.

An Article V Convention of States is our best chance to preserve liberty in America. If you'd like to join this growing movement, you can sign up to be a volunteer or a leader on your state team.

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