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Think Patrick Kennedy's collusion was bad? This is worse

Published in Blog on July 17, 2017 by Convention Of States Project

Americans are upset about Patrick Kennedy’s alleged quid pro quo agreement with the FBI because back-door collusion among government agencies stinks of corruption.

The very fact that the State Department’s Undersecretary for Management was willing to ask the FBI to retroactively declassify a Clinton email suggests that these kind of deals happen all the time. In this case the FBI refused, but how many secret deals go down without ever coming to light?

As Sen. Marco Rubio pointed out, "The fact that Under Secretary Kennedy allegedly ‘pressured’ the FBI to change the classification of an email to benefit Secretary Clinton as part of a ‘quid pro quo’ after her behavior came to light is alarming, and a sign of just how corrupt the State Department became under her tenure. Kennedy should be removed from his position immediately until a real investigation is completed.”

Americans have a right to be upset, but there is another instance of collusion that everyone knows about but no one talks about: the Supreme Court has for years interpreted the Constitution to grant all three branches of the federal government an increasing amount of power and jurisdiction. 

These interpretations, for example, allow Congress to spend money on whatever it wishes because the Interstate Commerce Clause supposedly applies to everything that affects the national economy. Likewise, the Court interprets the General Welfare Clause to allow Congress to spend money at its own discretion as long as the expenditure somehow promotes the nation’s “general welfare.” These are just two examples. There are many others, and, unlike Kennedy’s collusion, these interpretations have affected generations of Americans.

This is why a Convention of States is so crucial. Only an Article V Convention of States can effectively reverse these Court decisions and restore the federal government to its limited role in American society. By proposing constitutional amendments that reinstate the Founders’ vision of the Constitution, a Convention of States can put an end to the greatest collusion scandal in our nation’s history.


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