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Restore our Republic - Wyoming can help Save America

Published in Blog on May 17, 2024 by Julie Baker




When the problem IS Washington

Who rides to the rescue?



It's time for Courage, not the Status Quo!  Wyoming can help Restore the Republic through Article V of the U.S. Constitution. Join Mark Meckler, President of Convention of States Action, in Cody and Casper Register HERE

CODY - June 10th 6:30pm, Cody Club Room (Auditorium), 1240 Beck Ave

CASPER - June 11th 6:30pm, Ag Resource & Learning Center, 2011 Fairgrounds Rd


Join us - bring friends / anyone who is worried about the destruction of our Constitutional Republic.  The solution to the out of control, runaway federal government is an Article V Convention for Proposing Amendments.

Imagine these proposals:

  • A Single Subject Amendment - no more omnibus bills!
  • An amendment to stop current and future federal land grabs!
  • An amendment to set the number of Supreme Court Justices to 9 - no court packing!

There has never been a more important time to use the constitutional tool given to us in Article V.

The Founders knew bureaucracy only grows and history tells us all Republics die. But there is hope.  We can cheat history and Restore our Republic. Register HERE


We need Courage, not the Status Quo to Restore our Republic





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