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The Walking Fed? 1,898 dead Ohioans received food stamps in 2015

Published in Blog on July 17, 2017 by Convention Of States Project

In the latest example of federal waste and incompetence...

Nearly 2000 beneficiaries of the food stamp program continued to receive benefits after their deaths in Ohio, according to an audit from the state’s auditor.

The audit evaluated a six-month period in 2015 and found that there were 36 instances where dead people received benefits for more than a year after their death and 1,862 instances where dead people received benefits for less than a year.

“In some cases, someone was still using the card,” explained Dave Yost, the Ohio auditor of state, who testified to lawmakers on Wednesday. “Federal law requires at least an annual comparison of death records against the list of beneficiaries—so the number should have been zero.”

The report also found 1,510 cases where food stamp cards had excessive balances.

“We also found 1,337 recipients with balances greater than $2,300 – about twice the maximum benefits for a family of eight,” Yost said. “Some 173 had balances of more than $5,000—including one with more than $20,000. If you can bank thousands of dollars, you are not in immediate need.”

Click here to read more from the Washington Free Beacon.

The federal government could balance the budget by simply cutting waste, fraud, and abuse like this. The fact that they haven't yet only means one thing: they never will. It's up to We the People to force their hand, and an Article V Convention of States is the best way to do it. A Convention of States can propose constitutional amendments that mandate a balanced budget as well as taxing and spending limitations.

Washington, D.C., has thrown our money away for long enough -- it's time to put a stop to it.


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