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The Unhappy Progressive

Published in Blog on May 22, 2022 by Jeffrey Brown

They say they want to build a better America. For whom? Their goal is to make us think there is possible utopia in this world. That is an unrealistic goal that ends in disastrous socialism or communism. 

We are a far too diverse group of people to ever satisfy everyone. As soon as you might think you have achieved utopia, someone will have changed the rules and believe there is something better to achieve.

Socialists, or today's progressives, will never be satisfied. When was the last time you saw a happy progressive? They never appear happy and they never smile.  

Someone once said: “The perfect is the enemy of good.” We are not perfect, but there has never been a society in the world better than ours. We have lifted more people out of poverty than any nation on this earth.

Inspections of countries (25 of them) that have tried socialism should lead you to the conclusion that it is a failed form of government and that socialism is the most corrupt form of government yet devised. Maybe the elites like it that way. They can dispense favors for a price with only concerns for themselves. We have tried progressive ideas in the past. These efforts have all led us into depressions.

Our Declaration of Independence says that we “are endowed by [our] Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

We are not guaranteed happiness, but we are guaranteed the “pursuit of happiness.” We are, therefore, allowed to find happiness that best suits our needs. Your happiness is not the happiness of a minority group or a special interest group. Each of us is entitled to define happiness and to pursue happiness in his or her own way. 

To be happy, one must have gratitude. We have much for which to feel grateful. We live in a free country (so far). We have no travel restrictions (at least for now).

In socialist Russia you had to have a permit to travel outside your own area (think county). County border guards were there to enforce the rules. If we are so bad (as the progressives would like us to believe), why do so many people want to come to America?

By comparison to most other countries, we live in a utopian society. Because we cannot easily compare ourselves to other countries, the progressives would like you to believe that we are “oppressed.” Are we perfect? No one said we are, but we have a better life with more opportunities than most other countries. In fact, you would be hard pressed to name a country that has a freer society than ours. There are polls that claim there are freer societies, but that is just someone’s opinion. Of course, if you feel there is a better place to live, you are free to move there. Many Hollywood stars threatened to move elsewhere if President Trump was elected. They are still around complaining. You cannot complain too loudly in a socialist country.

What is the bottom line? Progressives are always complaining about something – mostly about how bad this country is and how we can make it better (for them). If you do not vote, you have no basis to complain. We have much for which to be grateful. By most of the world’s status, we have already made a “more perfect Union.” 

How can we make our country better? All we have to do is limit the terms of the professional politician, balance the budget (intake and outgo with no printing of money or borrowing), and place limits on a government that destroys our rights as free citizens of the United States.

Does this sound vaguely familiar? Maybe a Convention of States can achieve these goals. Anybody up for that?

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