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The U.S. government has sent us a message, freedom hangs in the balance

Published in Blog on July 26, 2022 by Ruth Hoskins

The gavel, a symbol of authority, came down declaring protestors "guilty" even before the protestors stepped foot into Washington, DC to exercise their First Amendment rights on January 6th.

Protestors came to the Capitol exercising their right to assemble, reflecting the thoughts and feelings of a healthy majority of the American people. All they wanted was accountability about the 2020 election.

Was it a fair election? A still unanswered question. Another question still begging for an answer is, what really happened on January 6th? How did January 6th turn so violent where one person was beaten to death, another unarmed was shot and killed at point blank range? Dozens of people were injured. Many remain incarcerated a year and a half later without due process.  

Over 200 people have been sentenced so far, some sentences exceeding the Department of Justices' recommended sentencing.

Obama-appointed U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan has taken on 13 Jan. 6 defendants and has sentenced every one of them to terms of imprisonment, according to reports. Two individuals have been sentenced to over five years in prison, the longest sentencing for any Capitol breach defendant. On Tuesday, a 56-year-old was sentenced to over five years in prison, matching one other man in the longest term of imprisonment so far in the Capitol breach prosecutions. 

After watching the documentary, "The Real Story of January 6th," and a statement made that January 6th is the "greatest fraud perpetrated on the American People," it's clear why.

American citizens, people who love our country, our Constitution, came to the Capitol to peacefully protest the 2020 election. Over 840 people were arrested and many still languish in jail. The scene became violent; a shooting gallery with the Capitol police inciting the protestors firing at them and throwing tear gas. The protesters fought back as the doors to the Capitol were opened and the protestors were ushered in.  

The current Administration is lasered in on taking away freedom and sending a message to all of us in America. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights is no longer relevant to them and can be trampled on as they choose.

By their own admission, it's time for a globalist New World Order. Any questioning of the 2020 election or of January 6th is forbidden. Our liberties are threatened and must be protected. We have to be strong and have courage and bring the power back to "We the People," where it belongs. 

Freedom is everything. Protecting our Bill of Rights and the Constitution is the way to freedom as is an Article V convention that gives the power back to the people.

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