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The President's no-show in Louisiana wasn't the worst move the feds made in the Pelican State

Published in Blog on July 18, 2017 by Convention Of States Project

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President Obama’s decision to continue his vacation in the wake of the devastating flooding in Louisiana has gotten most of the media attention the past few days. But the President’s apparent indifference may not be the federal government’s greatest misstep in regards to the people of the Pelican State.

Louisiana Advocate Editor Peter Kovacs told Fox News that the feds have “in many ways” told residents in the impacted areas that they didn’t need to buy flood insurance. Now? Washington is telling these same people that they are not going to receive help rebuilding their homes because they didn't have flood insurance.

Bureaucrats in D.C. can’t manage the daily lives of the American people. The truth of this fact becomes clearer even as the federal government grows larger and more powerful.

Only by limiting the power and jurisdiction of our federal officials can We the People reclaim our rightful place in the American republic -- and only a Convention of States can accomplish that goal. A Convention of States can propose constitutional amendments that actually shrink the jurisdiction of federal agencies, limiting the power of many federal bureaucracies and eliminating some of them altogether.

The movement is growing -- eight states have already signed up and hundreds of thousands of supporters have joined the Convention of States Project across the country. Will you join them? Click the blue button below to learn more!


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