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The most important question: Who decides? You or the federal government?

Published in Blog on July 18, 2017 by Convention Of States Project

1998 original

"Who decides what the law shall be is as important as what is decided."

One of the four major abuses of the federal government is the takeover of the decision-making process. This simply means that instead of the states being able to determine the laws under which their residents will live, D.C. decides. The federal government determines the legality of subjects that should rightfully be under exclusive state jurisdiction.

This is dangerous whenever a bad law or set of laws is created, but it becomes even more dangerous when a group of non-elected bureaucrats begin to create laws. 

Enter the EPA's Clean Water Rules.

As one opinion writer from Montana pointed out, these rules represent a "federal bureaucratic takeover of state-managed waters":

Everyone wants clean water; that’s not the issue. The real debate is whether we trust Montanans to make decisions for Montana. CWR strips Montana’s constitutionally-guaranteed right to manage our rivers and lakes, as well as ponds, ditches, dry washes, wetlands and intermittent seasonal steams and channels.

This is really the question of our times: do you trust the federal government to make decisions for you and your state? If the feds' approval ratings are any indication, Americans from both sides of the aisle say no.

So what do we do? An Article V Convention of States can effectively restore the Founders' vision of a small federal government with limited jurisdiction. Such a structural restoration would shift the balance of power back to state governments, allowing the people in each state to craft laws and policies they find most beneficial.

It's time to empower Americans with the ability to govern themselves, and a Convention of States is the best way to do it.


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