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The media ignores average Americans. Interview Desk is looking to change that.

Published in Blog on September 09, 2020 by Convention Of States

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We're all about the grassroots at the Convention of States Project. Our state teams are run by amazing groups of volunteer patriots, and our founder, Mark Meckler, is the nation's leading conservative grassroots advocate.

We're always excited when any new organization rises up to empower the American grassroots and give them a voice, which is why we want to tell you about Interview Desk.

Interview Desk is a new way to think about how news gets reported. Rather than rely on special interests, politicians, or rich benefactors to promote stories, Interview Desk relies on you -- the American citizen.

"People like us are ignored by the mainstream media," Mark said. "But with Interview Desk, your opinion matters. It's real media for real people."

Interview Desk seeks to to do three things:

  • Rebuild community-based news as the backbone of representative democracy.
  • Make facts and data the center of every story.
  • Give citizens a voice on equal footing with government, corporations, and other powerful interests.

Interview Desk connects you with a local reporter who will interview you about the topic you want to discuss. Right now, they're specifically looking for people interested in Big 10 football, high school football, the riots and unrest, and lawmakers and lockdowns.

You can also tell them about a different story you believe should be brought to the media's attention.

Signing up is easy. All you have to do is enter your information, and tell Interview Desk what date and time of day works best for you. Then, a reporter will call you to talk.

For too long, average Americans have been silenced by the corporate media. Those days are ending with Interview Desk, and we're happy to tell you about them!

Click here to let your voice be heard with Interview Desk.  


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